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caxal_challenge's Journal

Christina x Avril Challenge
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made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

Welcome to caxal_challenge! This is a community for Christina & Avril fans to make icons every week. Even if you are not a fan, you still have the chance to make icons.

- 3 icons can be submitted per girl. This may change depending on the challenge.
- Use only the pictures provided. You may, however, use any brushes, textures, effects, you wish.
- All work you submit must be your own.
- Icons must fit LJ standards: 40 KB, 100x100 or less.
- Comment to the challenge post with your icon
- DO NOT post or use your icon(s) anywhere until voting has ended. Your icon will be disqualified.

- Vote for your favourite icons
- Don't vote for yourself
- Only members can vote
- Don't tell anybody what icons you are voting for

- Challenge: Monday - Monday
- Voting: - Monday - Saturday
- Winners: - Sunday

Banners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Mod's choice for each girl.

If you wish to be an affiliate, comment to any post.

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